Cabrillo College’s Planning Council (CPC) with both a student rep and the mascot

The past Cabrillo College ASO President (Charlotte Achen) found that administrators really like to discuss topics that will greatly affect students during the summer months. If you are limited on time, choose to attend either the College Planning Council (CPC) or Governing Board. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to sit in and begin (or continue) the process on learning how your community college functions. An equally important committee that occurs during the semester is the Faculty Senate(other schools call it Academic council ), make sure that you have a student on this right from the start.

You will quickly learn that there are many aspects to how your community college functions. Also keep in mind that you can have one-on-one meetings with the administrators to clear up any confusion you may have. There are various components, whether it be the Faculty, Staff, Administration, Students, the budget, etc. each of these pieces inter-relates in some way. What did should you do with this information? Charlotte took it back to the Student Senate so that they become more aware and are able to communicate it to our constituents.

Most importantly of all, through attending these meetings, whether it is yourself or other Senators, it gets your face out there and allows the administrators, staff and faculty to get to know the Senate better. Also, through being informed themselves, it won’t be just yourself tasked with absorbing the large amount of information discussed at these meetings.