Club Councils, often known as "Inter-Club Council", are college student organizations that help govern and guide club activities.

The Inter-Club Council (I.C.C.) is most of the time attached to the local ASO, but is its own separate governing body. This council is made up of representatives from each of the chartered clubs at the school and chaired by the I.C.C. chair, whom is sometimes a member of the ASO.

Typically the  I.C.C. receives its funding from the ASO each year which gets allocated towards events and club activities.

There are various funding schemes that are implemented across the state for funding of I.C.C.s some involve a consistent amount of funding just by chartering, others based on point systems that are based on involvement on campus and others are just on events put on.

In the case of Cabrillo's I.C.C. they approve the club incentives, which are given based on a club holding a certain amount of events each semester. They have requirements like

Sponsor three (3) to nine (9) incentive events.

One of which must be held at the Scotts Valley or Watsonville campuses.

Have at least one (1) activity available to students with the Student Activity Card free of charge.

Serve and be open to all Cabrillo students.

Be held on a Cabrillo campus

Be promoted at least seven (7) days prior to event.

At certain points during the semester, clubs may come to your ASO asking for additional funding for an event, conference, etc. Cabrillo requires that they go to the I.C.C. first and if that funding is not enough, then come to the Senate. These requests should be treated the same as any request being made, especially looking at how much the club is putting in themselves.