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Cabrillo Colleges ASCC Student Senate meeting norms posted in the meeting room.


It is imperative to establish standards. It allows the ASO have expectations of each other that can be upheld. One of the most important aspects of standards is that they are mutually agreed upon, as in everyone has to agree sometimes takes some time. Typically you would ask the ASO what they think is important to conduct an effective meeting and fill up a white board and then refine.  Make sure to have the agreed upon norms easily available.

Here are some examples of meeting norms

Avoiding BurnoutEdit

So as a decision making body it is very easy to be tasky. Going from one event to the other, or one item to another.

2014-03-27 15.56.48

Cabrillo College ASCC Student Senate doing a marshmallow & spaghetti tower building team builder

Sometimes its important to interrupt this tasky path, something simple & silly.


  • During presidential announcements ask everyone what kind of cereal they are.
  • Team Builder
  • A good joke