Charlotte Achen

As you have probably seen in a lot of places in this wikia references have been made to a Charlotte Achen.

So I have created this page to explain why she is referenced a lot here.

This first and most important part is at the end of her term as a second year ASO president she wrote “The ASCC President & Senator's Guidebook” for the student senate. I(Carter Frost) thought this would be a great addition the SSCCC wikia.

So who is she?Edit

Charlotte has been involved with the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Honor Society and the Associated Students of Cabrillo College (ASCC), Cabrillo’s Student Senate. In fall 2009, she began volunteering at AGS events, then became the V.P. of Fundraising, and in 2010, was elected AGS President. Although the commitment was challenging, it was rewarding for her to motivate other people to get involved and do their best as well. She ran for and was elected President of ASCC Student Senate twice.  She has been very determined to ensure that the Senate is effective, that Student Senators are motivated and are actively representing the students. In 2011 Charlotte, along with the Marketing & Communications Department, together began a monthly student e-Newsletter that gets emailed to all enrolled students and keeps them up-to-date with news, announcements, and events related to Cabrillo College. During her last term, Charlotte was a part on some of the major decisions being made that will affect every student on campus.

If the was one thing she would tell her fellow students it would be:

“To utilize all of what Cabrillo has available to you. Although clubs and the senate may be an extracurricular activity, the knowledge and experience gained from becoming involved can assist you in every part of your life.”

She is currently attending UCSC working on her Sociology degree.